In 2012, I decided to make a career change and follow a fashion stylist training in Montreal. I was already having a lot of fun shopping with my friends to help them find pieces that made them look good and sometimes out of their comfort zone. I decided to combine business with pleasure and gradually my passion became my main source of income.

In 2016, I created Luxunik on the corner of my counter, with a small rack of clothes. The current trend of second-hand fashion was still in its infancy and I encountered some reluctance towards this movement. But as the years went by, my business grew and made many happy.

After running my boutique by appointment at home and online, I was lucky enough to get a place to move in September 2021. Despite the ups and downs of the pandemic, my loyal customers continued to be present thanks to my online shop.

I am now at this beautiful new chapter for my business, which continues to evolve with its clientele and its needs. Thank you to my customers who have been with me since the beginning and also to those who have just discovered Boutique Luxunik.

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